The EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI)

September 2017

The EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) is an annual report published each fall that ranks countries around the world according to their adult English proficiency. The rankings are established based on test results from hundreds of thousands of adults who take EF’s free English test online every year. The EF EPI report also examines a number of economic, social, and demographic indicators and how they relate to English language learning.

The primary aim of the EF EPI is to contribute to the ongoing worldwide dialog about English. With our uniquely broad and comprehensive data set on English proficiency, we feel it is our responsibility to share our findings with others. The research team behind the EF EPI, EF Learning Labs, is also responsible for the EFSET, the first free standardized English test, upon which the EF EPI is based.

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The EF EPI was initially published in 2011. All editions of the report are available for download on the EF EPI website. Companion reports looking at English proficiency in schools and English proficiency in companies are also available there. We would like to encourage anyone interested in reporting on the EF EPI to refer to the website for more detailed information and contact details as necessary.

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